Sylvan Interior

2010 -

I was asked to design a zone, on the spacious grounds of an educational nature park belonging to a kindergarten, which could be enjoyed by the general public as well. Upon visiting the site, I felt that there was no need to build a new structure there. Instead, the forest itself could serve as a room: a “sylvan interior.” All materials were either originally available at the site or were supplied by local residents. The constructed elements included benches, sofas, tables, kerosene lamps and ladders to ascend and tend to the lamps, a bed of straw to lie on and look up at projections on the screen of Japanese maples, straw seats placed in the forks of trees, a bar counter, a “door to nowhere,” a “stairway to nowhere” made of Oya stone, a steel skeleton fireplace, and a bus stop that doubles as a DJ booth. It is a wonderfully unique space that resembles both a campground and a living room at home.


location Kitamoto City, Saitama Pref.
principal use garden for kindergarten education
completion date 2010
collaborative architects dot architects, yaomitsu designing department