Odawara Castle Town Concert Hall Competition Proposal

2005 -

The volume of this proposed project is kept compact overall in order not to disrupt the view of Odawara Castle. The exterior wall consists of a steel plate structure with its blackened surface left unpolished to create a subdued impression, and where the steel-plate wall cuts away is the entrance piloti. Castle towns like Odawara have a unique street layout known as atemage, with streets staggered rather than laid out in a plain grid so as to slow enemy approach, but this naturally leads people to cut off corners at intersections to enable shortcuts, and at a point where the pavement has been widened in this manner, it is covered with a large karahafu (undulating gate top) that welcomes visitors into the facility.
From the entrance piloti the volume of the huge, symbolic main hall can be seen through interstices between the steps of the grand staircase. An egg-like form with reinforced concrete shell structure, it is covered with wood that has its texture emphasized and has a yosegi (marquetry) treatment applied at generous scale.
The entire space is interconnected, with a flowing layout like natural terrain, and from the entrance hall visitors can proceed to the grand staircase and to the second-floor foyer, or to the bottom stage underneath the main hall. The expansive lobby area is open to the public, and the undulating, landform-like grand staircase can also serve as seating for casual concerts held on the bottom stage.

location Odawara City, Kanagawa Pref.
principal use citizen hall
total floor area 8,690m2
structure reinforced concrete, partly steel
4 stories