Academic-Industrial Cooperation Laboratory

2014 -

Normally, this is a highly pragmatic university medical department laboratory, performing motion capture research with athletes. At the same time, it is converted into a stylish showroom several times a month when seminars employing the latest training equipment are held. For the radically different functions of laboratory and seminar venue to coexist in the same limited space, interior design that can be transformed in an instant is required.
Various strategies are used to achieve this. Along the wall there are up to five layers of curtains, most of them gauze, which can be opened and closed in a variety of ways depending on the occasion. For seminars, multiple layers of gauze curtains create a moiré effect for a subtle and sophisticated atmosphere. For laboratory experiments, blackout curtains can be drawn across the entire wall during motion capture, concealing the mirrored wall and training equipment which are used for seminars. An H-shaped steel crossbeam in the ceiling serves as a fulcrum for suspended laboratory equipment, while during seminars it functions as a guide rail for movable screens and projectors.

location Suita City, Osaka Pref.
principal use laboratory
completion date 2014
total floor area 105m2

photos by Yoshiro Masuda