2012 -


On top of the oldest Shrine and iconic roof ancient tomb remains in Kamaishi, we plan of Obe Rouge to deploy them minute building shape while taking in as landscape.

This hotel is also a tsunami shelter, will be one of the answer to the problem of coexistence of the cultural heritage associated with the high altitude transfer that has occurred in a number of tsunami affected areas.

Also established a familiar with the terrain and architecture at low gabion or stone wall, and measure the sense of distance between the adjacent building, by placing the “big house” number buildings that design is different for each building on a slope, in planning the huge tide new landscape of civil engineering and architecture were fused to the top of the bank (two-wire Tsutsumi) is born.

location Kamaishi City, Iwate Pref.
principal use hotel
construction area 1,208m2
structure reinforced concrete, steel frame
1 basement and 3 stories