Environment Art Forum in Annaka Competition Proposal

2003 -

Among the themes specified for this design competition was “environment,” which I addressed by proposing a site-specific space for public activities that could only exist in this particular location, making use of the existing landforms of the gradually south-by-southwest sloping site.
To address another theme, “art,” I sought to put forward a proposal in which the space for public activities is a work of art in and of itself. Multiple zones for various activities take the form of terraces, landscaped using the existing terrain. What I conceived was a system of design similar to land art, with simple manipulation of landforms creating a wide range of communal spaces.
On the third theme of “Environment Art Forum” (i.e. “forum”), I envisioned the free-form nature of the project’s design system having the effect of encouraging active public participation in design and management workshops. The idea is to identify various community activities requiring public space during a design workshop, and to array the terraces flexibly according to the purposes identified.

location Annaka City, Gunma Pref.
principal use gallery, community center, multi-purpose hall
total floor area 2,440m2
structure steel, reinforced concrete
1 basement and 1 story