Asada Garden House

2018 -

The guest house near the beach facing the Sea of Japan was renovated into a multi-generational house. The four buildings scattered around the courtyard were loosely integrated into a garden house centered on the courtyard.
Annex① underwent major renovation including seismic retrofitting. A large staircase was introduced at the center of the building which also functions as a large bookshelf spanning 2 stories. The living, dining and kitchen were created by punching through the existing guest rooms and reception.
 The existing interior finishes were left as a familiar trace with new elements drawn on top of it such as the new seismic walls built by screwing structural plywood directly onto existing columns. New seismic walls were also accented with a characteristic paint.
The corrugated metal sheet on the outer wall of the storehouse was removed and replaced with ‘yakisugi’ and the inner mud wall repainted. Annex② was remodeled into a garage.

location Takahama-town, Ohi-district, Fukui Pref.
principal use multipurpose house(guest house, used bookshop, photo studio)
completion date 2018
total floor plan 437m2
structure wood
2 stories

photos by Takumi Ota