Kobe frog Caravan 2005 “Bamboo sheets” [Rokkomichi South Park (Kobe)]

This is a proposal of temporary tent housing system called“Bamboo Sheets”, that would be useful in the emergence of natural disaster for example the Hanshin (Kobe) great earthquake. In Japan we have many bamboo graves near ourselves. In addition, bed sheets, clothespins and plastic bags of convenience store are also easy to obtain. Using these very usual materials, tents for survival can be easily assembled.

A half unit is made of one bed sheet, two bamboo poles, two plastic bags and some clothespins. Two (lower & upper) half units compose one full unit. That has just a space for one person, but it doesn’t become independent only by one unit. Because an independent full unit is structurally unstable, and at the same time it doesn’t provide comfortable space. This tent system becomes completed, only after a number of families helping each other and connecting a number of units. The size of the entire tent is arranged freely according to the necessity.

The workshop was held, and we experienced the assembly actually, then staying there over night comfortably. Now we are planning to make new bamboo groves in each regional school and park, that will be a place of refuge, in preparation for a disaster in the future.

location Kobe-city, Hyogo
principal use temporary shelter
date 2005
structure bamboo, sheets, clothespin, plastic shopping bag