a party for MIKI Ken

only Mr.MIKI could……such things, fantastic!

miki02 miki03


broken bone?

Still cherry-blossom season in TOHOKU

stop for a lunch under shower of cherry blossom.
then the radiation dose increases when the wind blows.



do you know this brand?

oh, Gotland Bryggeri!

Arlanda Express

not so cute….
like a pelican or a kappa(河童).

paint deterioration….


a wise forehead?

will get the Nobel Prize in the future.
@ Stockholm

one more

a miracle WX

could be a present for a white day…

found that the most beautiful-fjord vista was just the time, completely freezing ice face. could not believe i was there…….

a ferry to Urnes stavkirke

only 2 cars including a van for a grandfather with his grandchild.