Osaka City University Faculty of Engineering F Building Laboratories

2020 -



Given a limited site, we had to add two laboratories and preparation rooms each, so we gathered a three-dimensional “space” crossing the pilotis of the existing building and discovered a site. Within the limited site, we placed the additions on the south side to ensure that the openness of the courtyard was not lost and also to secure the line of sight. It was divided into four volumes to secure the necessary outdoor circulation flow. The preparation rooms were arranged within the pilotis with a low ceiling height, while the laboratories that require sufficient ceiling height for ducting were placed outside.
For the exterior material, we chose COR-TEN steel plate, a contrasting texture which fits in with the myriad of old buildings’materials. Considering that people can overlook down on the additions from the existing buildings, the roof surface was positioned as the fifth façade, and finished in COR-TEN steel plate to create an integrated surface with the walls.


location Osaka City, Osaka
principal use University laboratory
completion date 2020
total floor area 421m2
structure steel frame
collaborative architects KOSAKA ARCHITECTS INC., YAP (Yamaguchi Akito)