2001 -

This house is placed on a steep slope, generally over 30 degrees. I intended to bring the traits peculiar to slopes into a part of the interior. The study on the second floor offers a long, wide view. The panorama, facing Osaka Bay, encompasses an area where ten million people live. The living room, also on the second floor, is like a cave, facing pilotis and solid rock; the floor, wall and a winding stair are all finished in a single material, a polished artificial stone, to intensify the cave-like sense of this space. The bath, finished with mosaic tile, is set below a canopy of foliage floating in the air. The bedroom is hidden under the first floor; it is surrounded by a glass wall. Within the room is a large, built-up stone retaining wall; through the glass, columns lean at random angles, a grove of trees beyond. A soft green light reflected from the trees fills the room.

location Nishinomiya City, Hyogo
principal use Residence
completion date 2001
total floor area 187m2
 structure steel frame, reinforced concrete
1 basement and 2 stories