Korin-ji Temple Façade Renovation

2015 -

This design adds a dynamic new facade to the front of a temple built on a narrow yet deep “eel’s nest” plot of land typical of urban areas. A virtually two-dimensional temple gate is created from a single sheet of steel, making efficient use of the site’s limited space. A pattern graphically conveying the temple’s essence with elements like an undulating karahafu gate top, sacred emblem, gingko trees, and curvilinear katomado windows are punched into 2.3mm-thick Cor-Ten weathering steel, creating a high-impact yet friendly and approachable temple facade for an urban environment. With the addition of the new “temple gate” at the front, the already deep site becomes even deeper, and the path from the gate to the main temple hall is elongated to evoke a pilgrimage route. The facade has a dramatic overhang, curving outward over the sidewalk, with the space beneath the eaves acting as a pocket park for residents, and the light from the temple illuminating its surroundings like a paper-shade lantern at night.

location Hachioji City, Tokyo
principal use temple
completion date 2015
structure steel frame

photos by Takumi Ota