Komame Commons

2019 -


A project that involved seismic reinforcement and conversion of a concrete block apple orchard monitoring outhouse built by the client’s father-in-law into a common space with multiple functions such as after-school, elder care, and a consumers’ Co-op station. The existing building skeleton and finishes that had been soaked in the memories of the whole family were intentionally left as “traces” without any modification. New elements such as seismic reinforcements were added on top of them to create a new scenery with the old and new materials. The RC, steel frame, roofing underlay, and fittings were constructed by local contractors while the interior furniture and painting were done by architecture students with the clients in the spirit of self-building. Furthermore, the client and students are currently planning for self-building the surrounding landscape too.


 location Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref.
principal use private school, center for the aged, landscape etc.
completion date 2019
total floor area  141m2
structure reinforcement of concrete block structure with rebars
2 stories

photos by Takumi Ota