A beauty-treatment clinic “L”

2004 -

This is interior design of the small beauty treatment clinic located near the station in Osaka suburbs. However, the height of the ceiling of the cram school where is an existing tenant is low with 2385mm. And, the size the position of the window is various, and it might be a problem of the construction accuracy in addition or there is no mysteriously parallel anywhere wall. Some concepts were set up for such a disadvantageous condition and the solution was tried.

■Multifunctional perimeter
First of all, the construction of the piling it of the floor was avoided by displaying the esthetics room group that needed various functions to the outer part, and paying all the equipment piping in a counter windowsill. In addition, the function of all equipment functions, ancillary functions 〔A〕 Function as piping space (water supply and drainage, electricity, and air-conditioning) and ,that is〔B〕 Function as equipment installation space (washing, rest room, shower, lighting, outlet, and air-conditioner indoor unit, etc.), and 〔C〕Function as double-skin (Batiri of the wall outside the display, storage, and existing to the outside is absorbed) is owed to the perimeter zone along with it.

■”Curtain” Wall
The interior on the perimeter side was composed of a heavy layer of two or more curtains that consisted of a stainless mesh and the aluminum deposition mesh cloth, etc. As a result, the wall finish leaves as an existing crossing, and suppresses the dismantlement construction expense to the minimum. The interior with the curtain corresponds in various states of use needed as opening, penetration, shading, and an esthetics room. It is intended what it was things except the possession of the thickness as for making the opponent of the curtain feel the extension of an external space as a wall.

■ Super-flat in ceiling
Important respect is a ceiling side. So to speak, ceiling is the fifth “facade”. The illuminator is not installed at all, and then, the wood-seat of flat is pasted, and assumed to be a flat ceiling without the turn edge from the wall as it is. This is the one that became possible achievement according to the concept of multifunctional perimeter, too.

location Takarazuka City, Hyogo Pref.
principal use esthetic clinic
total floor area 50m2