Chushin-ji Temple Priest’s Quarters

2009 -


Chushin-ji is a Buddhist temple nestled in the Japan Alps; it boasts a long history going back over 550 years. The head priest wanted to make use of the new quarters for events like exhibitions, lectures and concerts where locals can gather. Thus the private residential area and common space are arranged together under a roof that is like a large umbrella, one that picks up on the rhythm of roofs over the adjacent main hall and reception hall. The existence of this common space is highlighted by the size and shape of the large roof, and links the temple with local residents.
The new roof is made of thick concrete, to last for a century or two. The roof is strong enough to bear heavy snow loads and there is a lot of leeway for the interior organization of rooms; a wooden structure housing the residence and other areas is sheltered beneath. Renovations are also feasible in the future.

location Minowa-town, Kamiina-district, Nagano Pref.
principal use temple priest’s quarters
completion date 2009
construction area 226m2
structure wood, reinforced concrete
3 stories
award Grand Prize, Open Design Competition in 2008

photos by Takumi Ota