in a bit emergency for a while. lol

the first time! to back a care into the ferry.

as was expected

no less that kind of country….

today’s topic came!

showing an annoyed look in walking

hungry like a wolf menu@Lappish restaurant

had not consider the difference reindeer and alces.
but in the nest time i met a reindeer, i will say “you are the sweet.”

barrier curbs

they are just barrier curbs..

what are these lovely objects?

can see them all over the town…..the first meeting was already at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport….
Good night!

wait for me!

I will bite you! tomorrow!

feel eyes watching one

that is a gold kitty!

the first day of a lecture tour in North Europa

arrive Helsinki ! but every famous restaurants are full booked, then a Chinese restaurant…..

a miracle gallery dog

Are you a “work”!?

in the nest by Ernesto Neto